Easter customs
Przywołówki dyngusowe
in Kuyavia


The Easter custom of Przywołówki dyngusowe is connected with the celebration of Easter in Kuyavia and in Pałuki. Mentioned already in the 19th century, it was common until the Second World War, and in some villages they were heard until the sixties of the 20th century.

The custom was that on Easter Sunday young men would call out girls’ names with a traditional formula from the roofs or tall trees and they would announce how much water they were going to dedicate to each girl. At the end they would add the name and surname of the one who would come to the called-out girl with water.

Until this day the custom of Przywołówki is celebrated in only one place in Kuyavia, in Szymborze – district of Inowrocław. It is organised by the members of the Bachelors’ Club Association which has been in existence since the turn of 1833 and 1834. The Easter Przywołówki dysngusowe from Szymborze as a cultural phenomenon, which is annually and spontaneously recreated by its citizens, is one of the most important elements of the intangible heritage of our voivodeship. In 2016 it was registered on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Since when was the custom of „przywołówki” practiced? What was its course? What was the significance of the custom for the villagers? Who organised „przywołówki” in Szymborze and how did it look like in the past?
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The present day

Why is Szymborze the only place in Poland, where you can listen to „przywołówki”? How are they prepared? Who is their addressee? What happens on Easter Monday?


How do we know the oldest „przywołówki”? What should be included in the text of „przywołówki”? How did „przywołówki” from different parts of Kuyavia differ?
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Where can you find more information about „przywołówki” in Kuyavia?
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